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REGULATIONS - read this before You start write
Regulations of culinary forum 4smaki:

* All subjects have to be connected from subject forum, on which they are put,

* Prohibited are subjects with only one, two or three words

* Prohibited is writing fasts with subject be bringing nothing new in to subject

* Prohibited is multiple are repetition the same subject

* The Statements can not contain offensive different users of forum's nor content wrong words you are criticizing their convictions and opinions.

* Joking with different users across passing be Prohibited them discordant information with truth or false, imaginary recipes.

* One user can possess only one account.

* Public criticize of moderators' work be Prohibited. If you are careful that moderator treated You wrongly, come into contact with administrator of forum.

* IMPORTANT! Before you begin any subject, use option ,,find'' to to check or it already earlier was not such subject!

* It In avatarach and signatures is in force the principle of offending not users and putting not vulgarisms as well as pornography also.

* It in signature was it been possible was to place the highest 1 link.

* In avatar you can to place only one small picture.

* Maximum size of avatars is 80x80 pixels as well as size does not is cross 12kb.

* Every user for one's offences receives warnings, It gets on email and IP 5 warnings and kick out

* Administrators as well as moderators Except usual users on forum step out also. Every moderator has to comply to principles of regulations. It is him however admitted privilege of punishing different users (with except different moderators and administrators) with the help of the warnings as well as in razie of potrzeby, editing their fasts. Every moderator has duty to take care about order on forum.

* Administrator reserves me right to smashing principles regulminu, it can interfere in usual users and moderators' statistics. To assign moderators maybe also, to alter forums, which moderują as well as to receive them their with application and reason of concrete cause function.


* I Ask about warnings by all users of forum regulations.

* I Reserve me to changes of present regulations right.

* I do Not bear for published on forum contents responsibility.

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Forum Forum serwisu kulinarnego 4smaki Strona GłównaRegulamin - Terms & ConditionsREGULATIONS - read this before You start write
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